Seven Spires “Solveig”
Orchestration for Reflections

Hansen&Friends: “Wacken Live” (DVD)
Live keyboards on all tracks

Blaze Bayley: “Endure And Survice”

Beyond The Black: “Lost In Forever – Tour
Keyboards,programming and orchestration on Our Little Time, The Other Side, Rage Before The Storm and Dim The Spotlight

ujr-japanUli Jon Roth: “Live In Japan” (CD/DVD)
Live keyboards and backing vocals on all tracks
barriers2Crystal Breed: “Barriers”
(Co-) composition and keyboards for all songs.
(And some vocals here and there…)
hansen-friendsHansen & Friends: “Triple XXX”
All Keyboards on Left Behind, All Or Nothing, Making Headlines and Stranger In Time.
EmpyreanLord Of The Lost: “Empyrean – The Final Chapter Of Mankind (Bonus CD)” Orchestration, additional piano, synths & programming on all tracks, co-composition Lament For The Condemned.

Run Liberty RunRun Liberty Run: “We Are”
String arrangement and additional programming on Start A Fire.

FortitudeSpirit Of The Future Sun: “Fortitude”
Composition and arrangement of Phantoms Of Clarity and the outro of My Sweet Suffering.

Gamma Ray Insanity&GeniusGamma Ray: “Insanity&Genius 25th Anniversary Edition”
Live keyboards on Heaven Can Wait & Valley Of The Kings (Live At Chameleon Studios).

LOTL DVDLord Of The Lost: “A Night To Remember” (DVD/CD)
Live keyboards on all tracks

Meinhard Meinhard: “Alchemusic II”
Orchestrations and additional programming on “Burning Hope”, “Mein Kaltes Herz”, “Don’t Get Lost” & “The Vessel”

U.D.OU.D.O: “Navy Metal Night” (DVD/CD)
Live keyboards on all tracks

fmwLord Of The Lost: “Full Metal Whore”
Additional keyboards & orchestrations on all tracks.

SwanLord Of The Lost: “Swan Songs”
Co-Production & arrangements for all tracks.

Uli Jon RothUli Jon Roth: “Scorpions Revisited Vol.1”
Keyboards on all tracks.

Mob Rules TKMob Rules: “Timekeeper”
Keyboards & Orchestrations for “Coast To Coast”, “My Kingdom Come”, “End Of All Days”
Organ for “Run With The Wolfs” & “Lights Out“

6 feetLord of the Lost: “Six Feet Underground”
Co-composition and all keyboards for Built To Break.

NeoperaNeopera: “Destined Ways”
Keyboards & Orchestrations for all songs.
Composition “Last Pantomime”

Lord Of The Lost - From The Flame Into The FireLOTL:”From The Flame Into The Fire”
– Holy F
– In A Perfect World
– I’ll Sleep When You Are Dead

String arrangements on all tracks
additional programming on track 1/3/4/5/7/8/9/10/11/12, Piano on track 11

Lord Of The Lost - MMXIVLord Of The Lost: “MMXIV” (EP)
Additional programming on
One Day Everything Will Be Okay

Lord Of The Lost - La Bomba - FrontLord Of The Lost: “La Bomba” (Single)
Additional programming on La Bomba
Arrangement/keyboards/programming on
La(tin) Bomba – The Official Not Exactly Very Dark Remix

NeumondJoachim Witt: “Neumond” (Ltd. Edition)
Arrangement/keyboards/programming on
Die Erde Brennt (Lord Of The Lost Remix)

Gamma Ray EmpireGamma Ray: “Empire Of The Undead”
Keyboards on Avalon, Time For Deliverance and I Will Return

MeilensteinHarms & Kapelle: “Meilenstein”
Keyboards on all tracks,
(co-)compositon Von der Liebe bis zur Bahre

AfterlifeLord of the Lost: “Afterlife” (Single)
Additional synths & programming on Afterlife,
keyboards and (co-)compositon on Morsal

Sonic Seducer 03/2014:
Arrangement, synths and programming for the exclusive Lord of the Lost remix of Für Immer (by Subway To Sally)

Dark Age: “A Matter of Trust”
Keyboards, programming and Sound-Design on
The Dark Sign.

Lord of the Lost: “We give our hears”
Additional orchestrations on the bonus-track
Love In A Time of War. Keyboards,orchestrations and (co-)composition on Liberty In Death

Kosta Vreto: “Pictures Of A Broken Heart”
Keyboards on Sunset in Atlantis.

Gamma Ray: “Master of Confusion”
Keyboards on Lost Angels and the live in Bochum recordings.

Lord of the Lost: “See You Soon”
String arrangement on See You Soon and arrangement/keyboards/programming on Von Anfang an.

Gamma Ray: “Skeletons & Majesties Live” CD/DVD (2012)
Live-Keyboards on all tracks

Rabia Sorda: “Eye M the Blacksheep”
Keyboards, arrangement & programming for the Lord of the Lost Remix

Mob Rules: “Cannibal Nation”
Keyboards & orchestrations for Soldiers of Fortune.
Organ for Tele Box Fool, The Sirens and Cannibal Nation

Lord of the Lost: “Die Tomorrow”
(Co-)production of the album. Composition, orchestrations ,arrangement, Keys & Piano for Letters to Home.Additional keyboards and orchestrations for Live Today, Never let you go, Heart For Sale, From Venus To Mars, See You Soon, My Heart Is Black, Your Victories and Credo.

Unzucht: “Deine Zeit läuft ab”
Arrangement, programming, Keys & Piano for the St.Pauli Symphoniker Remix

Staubkind: “Kannst Du mich seh’n”
Some string sounds and some sound design for the Lord of the Lost Remix

Peter Panka’s Jane: “Kuxan Suum”
Keyboards on all songs, except Hey Mister & Demons.
Composition & production of Grown & Silence.

Crystal Breed: “The Place Unknown”
(co-)production (co-)composition, (co-)arrangement and keyboards on all songs. String arrangement on “Words of Silence” and “Not Turning Back”

Gamma Ray: “Skeletons & Majesties”
Keyboards on all songs.

Lord of the Lost: “Antagony”
Keyboards & arrangement for Preludium: About Love, Death And The Devil and string arrangement for Antagony & We are the Lost

Silent Circus: “Into The Silence”
Keyboards on The Passenger and Once again.

Arnaud Krakowka: “Antic Journey”
Cembalo on Lifeforce and The Myth of the sun. Piano on Universe of Memories

Lord of the Lost: “Fears”
Piano on Sooner or later and some keyboards here and there on some other songs.

Gamma Ray: “To The Metal”
Keyboards on all songs, except Empathy & Shine Forever.
Additional keyboards on Chasing Shadown & Time To Live.

Lilianna Wysocki: “I Love the World”
Cello arrangement for Little Girl

Black Horse: “Back To Hell”
Keyboards & orchestrations for Seven Years Of Pain

Postmodern: “Wo fängt die Liebe an?”

Bokamo: “Zeit”

Crystal Breed: “Limited Promo Edition”

Safkan: “Safkan”

Postmodern – Ein Schritt zurück, im Kreis und von vorne”